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All Comments

Is oral sex with a male considered gay?
I love it :3 but I'm really straight.
If your a guy I would say yes.
Is it uncommon for a gay male to not be into oral and anal sex?
Most partners I meet are disappointed when they find out I'm not into either. I'm attracted to guys for sure, but not oral/anal.
Its about the love for you partner not just for sex.
I'm male ,and i have oral sex 2 few men.. am i gay? but i dont want 2be gay. what can i do ? im will get AIDS?
i just want 2 know i'm gay? if yes, what can i do ?i don't want 2be gay. i have oral sex because of curiosity. but finaly i find out i'm dislike 2become gay.i want normal sex and normal life.and i will get AIDS ?
If you were just experimenting, then you could be straight, but it's more likely that you're somewhat bisexual.
If you say you want normal sex, I assume you mean with women?
As for getting AIDS, it's possible, but I understand that the AIDS virus isn't very strong, and can be destroyed by stomach acid, so if you swallowed semen, you may be clear.
Hope this helps
I am straight, but I want to give oral sex to a man. Am I gay?
I am straight, but sometimes I have the overwhelming sexual urge to want to give oral sex to a man. I also want to recive sometimes, too from a man. Am I gay? I still love woman and female erotica. and male to male anal sex creeps me out - it's just the oral. Should I try it? What about STD's/HIV?? What if I begin to love giving male oral sex, then what do I do - declare myself 100% gay or bisexual?
You don't really even need a label. Everyone has their own preferences, and not everyone is going to fit into neat little categories. Yes, there is a risk of getting STDs when having sex, so take any precautions that you feel are necessary. I'd recommend asking your prospective partner to be tested if you have even the slightest doubt that he's clean.

If you find you love giving oral sex, then that just means you love giving oral sex. It doesn't automatically make you gay, as if waving a magic wand. Sexual orientation involves a lot of factors, not just what you do in the bedroom. So if you find yourself longing for a male partner as a life-long lover, then perhaps you should consider it. If you just want a guy for causal sex now and then, then keep looking for women, but don't feel guilty about giving head on the side.
Male gay sex problem?
I am having a problem when I have sex, during penetration my penis hurts going in, as the skin pulls back it hurts enough to make me lose my erection and even though I am not paticularly large I dont like being on the bottom, it doesn't feel good to me at all even after I have already tried it for days about an hour at a time how long does it take before it actually feels good? Oh and oral sex does nothing for me, so no need to suggest it.
Are you circumcised? If not, you may be experiencing phimosis. This happens when the foreskin is too tight to retract fully. This can cause pain during penetration. This can usually be remedied with simple surgery. (Usually full circumcision is not required, just a little loosening.)

If you are circumcised, then I'm not sure what the problem might be.

Check with a doctor or urologist.

Craig is right about the second part... BUT... be aware that not all men can be a bottom. Some never get used to it and can never enjoy it. But give yourself time, and don't just give up because it doesn't feel good the first few times. Patience is the key.
Oral/anal gay +? spiritual support?
i just engaged in oral/anal sex, with another male, for the first time in over 5 months...i got an anal fissure, and i was wondering if that would give me hiv....he is clean, im pretty sure anyways. and can you get hiv from oral sex? Im really scared....because i've been experimenting with guys for some time now, and i'm really starting to have anxiety about getting hiv. over 2 years i have had 6 different partners, and im just scared. i can't get a hold of my doctor, and the lab wont see me. so i am really FREAKING OUT. and on top of that, i am a christian, who is technically straight. I feel like I have done an unjust to God and I dont know how to get redemtion...someone please help me, my spirits are low, and I feel really weak...
First question did you use protection for the anal sex? If you did there is not a big worry. If you have never had a HIV test find a local AIDS service organization that does testing or a local STD clinic. Go to to find a local testing site.

Might I suggest finding a gay friendly therapist to talk with about your spiritual needs. It worked for me. I am an ordained minister, I was married and now openly gay living with my HIV+ partner and after 12 years I am still negative.

God loves us all and there would no be so many gay men and women if he disapproved. Religion her in the world is run and controlled by men to control when men (women) do. Remember we are all her to do "his" work.
Is it easy to catch HIV from performing oral sex?
I am asking a serious question, so please do not give any mean answers. I am a young gay male who has peformed oral sex on several men, but has never had receptive anal sex. I am going to get an HIV test soon, and want to know how likely I am to be negative. I am a little worried, so any kind advice will help. Thanks.
You got a few straight answers, but a lot of misinformation.

Let me relate this: I was with my companion for 12 years and believe me I swung on that thing hundreds of times. We didn't know it, but he was HIV+ and he died from AIDS less than 3 months after he was confirmed positive.

If you swallow or if you spit doesn't make any difference. The acid in your stomach will kill the virus.

Studies have shown that saliva has a component that acts as a blocking agent against the virus. Keep in mind that nothing is 100% and I certainly don't advocate giving head to an HIV+ individual.

When you get your HIV test ask for a hepatitis screening. You can have this done at your county Health Department, many times for free. You can get a vaccine for hep A &B. Do it.

Choose your friends carefully and get into a monagomous relationship. And when you do, both of you should be tested at least twice.
What are the risks of teen oral sex?
I asked a question earlier similar to this...

Basically, I want to know what the risks of oral sex are for two gay males is, and I want to know the probability of this happening.

Also, don't send comments like "Your 13, don't have sex". I know, I've heard it before.
If you have both been tested, and are both clean, and don't do anything with anyone else, then you won't catch anything. If you are both virgins, and weren't born with an STD (from catching it from your mom during birth) then you will be fine, condom or no.
If you think getting tested will raise suspicion, maybe tell your parents that you're doing a project on safe sex for teens and you think getting tested will be a great way to show your class how easy it is?
Why do i want gay sex?
I am an 18 year old male who has had sex on many occasions with women. I have loved a few girls and could only love girls. I also really like having sex with girls. However, I enjoy masturbating to gay porn and with other guys. I want to have gay sex (top and bottom) and I want to perform and receive gay oral sex. But I have never felt a shred of emotion for a man. What is my deal?
You don't have to be gay to fantasize about gay sex. Sex and sexuality are not the same thing, although they do overlap. I'd say you're just curious. Maybe you think it'll feel good. I mean, man-man sex is a lot different than man-woman sex, so maybe you are just wanting something different.

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